The founders and first activists of this working group are Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Swietlana Czerwonnaja (Torun/Moskau), Dr. Mieste Hotopp-Riecke (Magdeburg), Stephan Theilig (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Ismail Kerimov (Aqmescit/Simferopol) and Dr. Iryna Driga (Kiev).

Members & short CV´s:

Czerwonnaja, Swietłana Mihailovna

is holding the position as Prof. at the Institute for Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Nicolay Copernicus University Torun, Poland and as an Leading Research Fellow of the Institute of the Arts Theory and History of Russian Arts Academy as well as Head Research Fellow of the Russian Institute of the Culture Research.

Hotopp-Riecke, Mieste

has finished his PhD at the Institute for Turkology (Freie Universität Berlin; Dissertation:„Iconography of Fear. German images of Tatars in change:   Barbarians, Allies, Migrants“), summer 2016 published his book „The Tatars of Crimea between Assimilation and Self-assertion. The rebuilding of the Crimean Tatar education system after deportation and return“ at ibidem. He is holding the position as the direcor of the ICATAT (Institute for Caucasica-, Tatarica- und Turkestan-Studies) since 2007 and is working as an expert on intercultural education / Trainer at .lkj Saxony-Anhalt as the expert for Crimean Tatar and Turkic people at the NGO Society for Threatened People and as the vice president of the Society for Eastern Europe-Advancement. By attorney of the last one and the Trialog-Network of young ideas he is working since 2010 on establishing the „Crimean Tatar-German Dialogue“ as a long term institution.

Driga, Irina Mikolayevna

candidate of philological sciences, lecturer,  Classical Orient Dept. at Institute for Oriental Studies „A. Krymski“, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine; доцент кафедры тюркологии, Киевского национального университета им. Тараса Шевченко

Theilig, Stephan

He is finished his PhD thesis at the Institute for Translation Sciences (Humboldt University Berlin and is holding the position as the vice director at the ICATAT (Institute for Caucasica-, Tatarica- und Turkestan-Studies) since 2011 as well as the director of Brandenburg-Prussia Museum Wustrau near Berlin. He is besides this working as the secretary of the Society for Eastern Europe-Advancement, as a freelance expert on Germania-Slavica as well as Tatar Islam history in Prussia.